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Scramble, obfuscate, and pack JavaScript code! Javascript Obfuscator converts the JavaScript source
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1 July 2010

Editor's review

If you’ve been seeking for an application to protect your JavaScript source codes from theft since long, then Javascript Obfuscator 3.1.8 just might do the trick for you. The utility poses the capability to jumble your JavaScript codes into unreadable form, thus safeguarding it against theft and analysis. The tool facilitates processing JavaScript tags, .js files, and allows packing codes, adding finishing, removing comments and white space, thus reducing files size, which can be easily uploaded on web. The operations of the utility are user-friendly so that even beginners can operate it effectively.

On launching the Javascript Obfuscator 3.1.8 you are shown a modestly structured console accompanied by self-explanatory options. Commencing the task, first create a project to keep .js files separate for every website or application. Now add the JavaScript files, which the program would list at upper mid with relevant file details. Moving on with the process, the options panel is where you have to alter configurations relating the output. With Options, the utility provides different options like Create back file, Header file, Change Names, Names in Strings, Read Names, Prefix, Generate Name, and finally the Process Project Files for carrying out the source code protection process. When click Read Names option, the program processes the loaded files. Moreover, you can save and load project at any required time. Along with these functions, the tool allows you to view the source in notepad, enable feature to associate JSO files, change language, remove unwanted files, restore files, etc. Processing the files, the application would create the backup files of the original files in the source folder that can be used for file restoration process.

Javascript Obfuscator 3.1.8 application supports processing the JavaScript files to safeguard them from theft or unauthorized usage. The utility is equipped with smooth operable options that support you in bringing upon necessary selections and carry out the process as per your preferences, which earns it a score of 3.5 points.

Publisher's description

Stop theft of your JavaScript sources!
Javascript Obfuscator converts JavaScript source code into a scrambled and completely unreadable form, preventing analysis and theft.
Javascript Obfuscator can:
* process javascript tags in html files and all .js files associated with html pages as well as separate .js files
* remove comments and white spaces, reducing the file size and minimizing the loading time
* pack the code as a long line
* add finishing ";" when appropriate
* create a list of function and variable names
* generate new non-understandable names and rename functions and variables depending on user settings
* work with command line.
New engine with an unique compression module. It provides best compression ratio comparing with other js minifiers.
The compression is fully safe. That means that the compressed version of your JavaScript is ready-to-use without a worry about a possible script malfunction.
Now, in most cases, it's not necessary to obfuscate names of variables, because the compression makes the code completely unreadable.
Javascript Obfuscator
Javascript Obfuscator
Version 4.2.5
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User comments

Trial version didn`t work. No comments were removed nor were any variable or function names changed. All it did was remove some (but not all) line breaks. Total piece of crap. Wasted my time downloading and trying it out. :(
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